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Trends In Physical Therapy Private Practice

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Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk.

Improve your own fitness level and demonstrate health, vitality, energy and motivation to patients. If you don’t do so already, take charge of your personal health and fitness.

Start going to the gym 3-4 times a week and improve your own diet by consulting with a nutritionist, if necessary. My wife and I are both physical therapists and we go the gym together, 4-5 times a week.

When doctors and patients see you as fit and healthy, it’s easy to promote your fitness program. This is the single most important component of a cash based fitness program.

Start Offering Group Fitness Classes, Also Called ‘Fitness Bootcamps’.

A group fitness class allows the therapist to generate more revenue by working less. It also allows the patient to pay less and get better results.

There is a social support component in group training that is reinforced by accountability. When a patient is a part of a team, it is easier to adhere to an exercise and nutrition program. These strategies and many more are also discussed in real world fitness and physical therapy marketing.

With the present condition of the economy, a low cost, high value program offered by a physical therapist is an ideal service. The easiest market for a fitness bootcamp is to train women, since women seem to respond better to a group environment (the success of Curves, Lucille Roberts and Weight Watchers is evidence). Start your own fitness boot camp for women.

If your clinic name is ABC, call it the ABC fitness boot camp for women. Conduct classes preferably early in the morning. An 8 am or a 9 am fitness bootcamp for busy moms works well, since it’s a big, untapped market.

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