Must be Avoid for Your Physical Therapy Business

Doing This Will Kill Your Practice (Avoid At All Costs)

Do you like pain?

Chances are your answer is no. In fact, you help people get rid of their pain. But the pain of losing your practice (or seeing it decline) is directly related to 2 dangerous missteps, which I reveal here: Avoid this at all costs 

Over the past few days I’ve shared some incredible information about how you can help your private practice not only survive but thrive against all odds.

I shared lessons about Apple and how they have transformed the way we use phones, computers, music players and how the use of the infamous “S” word in their business can be used to help your practice thrive and not just survive.

I was humbled by your comments and feedback.  In this article, we will tie everything together.

There are TWO things you MUST avoid to make sure 2012 is your best year ever, and not the year your practice tanks for good.

[headline_arial_small_centered color="#000000"]The Two Biggest Blunders You MUST Avoid


There’s no feeling like having to tell your patients that you’re shuttingdown your practice. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen more often than I’d like to remember. It’s heartbreaking.

There are two BIG blunders that I’ve found to be common place with a failed practice, the root cause of its demise.

I’ve shared both with you in an exclusive video below: Avoid this at all costs

It’s something I stumbled upon while learning how to become a business owner. I am sharing this simple, yet effective line of thinking that you can use TODAY!

After watching this short video, you will ask yourself:

  • Have I been using my time wisely and if not, how can I improve immediately to become more productive?
  • How can I simplify my approach so that I’m achieving more while doing less? (Hint: Systems)
Oh, and one more thing…

The video costs you nothing, so go watch it now. Avoid this at all costs

P.S.- By the way, on Friday the 13th, (that’s this Friday), I’m going to turn a day that is historically known as a day of bad luck, and turn it around to be a day your practice gets the missing piece of luck it needs to thrive in 2012. Stay tuned for a game-changing announcement for your practice this Friday, January 13th.

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