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Branding your Physical Therapy Practice – Exclusive Interview with Dr. K

If you want ideas on how to brand your physical therapy private practice, then look no further. In this exclusive interview, physical therapist and fitness professional Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri (affectionately known as “Dr. K”) talks to me about branding and (believe it or not) automating the process of establishing your clinic.

Dr. K reveals resources that will help you gain new patients in your area, and uncover local networks of patients and referrals. You really have to listen to his ‘4 step process’ on marketing your clinic. It blew me away. You can listen to this interview or download it to your computer, burn an audio CD and listen to it while driving.

Pay close attention to the strategies we discuss. Kareem breaks down the entire process of finding referral sources, communicating with them and stimulating referrals into a science that can yield instant results in your practice. This advice will save you hours of time, effort and a  significant amount of resources as you market your practice. His website is

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  • […] Your clients are the key to the success of your practice. Make sure you develop a good rapport with your clients and let them know that you care about their well-being. Gradually, you will be able to find your niche in the market and help you realize the goals that you set for yourself while starting a physical therapy practice. […]

  • […] 3.    The Price of the Item on the Quote is Not the True Cost: Inexperienced buyers typically look at the prices on the quotation, ask for an estimate of freight and make their decision based on the lowest total dollar figure from multiple vendors.  The hidden costs in opening a new clinic can be significant.  You should consider that many of the national “big box” distributors will win the bid and then ship the items to the new facility dock to dock.  There are several problems with this scenario that end up landing on your shoulders. a. Deliveries show up on multiple days from various vendors prior to the clinic opening.  You or your employee must be present to receive the items and it is very difficult to coordinate deliveries from multiple manufacturers using freight lines and parcel delivery services that is convenient to your schedule without wasting a significant amount of time. b. If the item is shipped using a freight carrier, unless inside delivery is requested and PAID for, the driver has no obligation to move the treadmill or treatment table any further than the back end of the Semi-trailer.  Someone from your organization must not only remove the item from the truck but also get it inside your facility. c. Unpacking and putting together even the most basic equipment takes time, tools and know how.  Valuable time that could better be put to use hiring staff, finalizing marketing materials, solidifying referral sources and creating policies and procedures. d. Many therapy products arrive in wooden crates and large cardboard boxes in order to minimize damage during transit.  Do you have the ability to saw wooden crates into a size appropriate for your trash dumpster?  Will your new landlord let you overflow the dumpster in one day with cardboard, plastic, metal and wood packaging materials? e. If you receive capital goods on your own and there is freight damage, do you know who is responsible?  How to handle a freight claim?  Should you sign a bill of lading before opening the crate? f. What happens if there are unforeseen delays in your build out and the equipment is already in route? g. Do you have access to loaner equipment should a primary piece of equipment be on backorder or delayed for some reason? h. How will the vendor you choose support you when a piece of equipment fails after 1 month or 1 year? Instead, hire a distributor for your new clinic that can deliver and install your new equipment on a convenient, preplanned day that is in sync with your opening date.  Make sure they use their own employees that care about the results and have previous experience with a new clinic setup.  These steps will ensure immediate success in your new physical therapy practice. […]

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