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Branding your Physical Therapy Practice – Exclusive Interview with Dr. K

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If you want ideas on how to brand your physical therapy private practice, then look no further. In this exclusive interview, physical therapist and fitness professional Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri (affectionately known as “Dr. K”) talks to me about branding and (believe it or not) automating the process of establishing your clinic.

Dr. K reveals resources that will help you gain new patients in your area, and uncover local networks of patients and referrals. You really have to listen to his ‘4 step process’ on marketing your clinic. It blew me away. You can listen to this interview or download it to your computer, burn an audio CD and listen to it while driving.

Pay close attention to the strategies we discuss. Kareem breaks down the entire process of finding referral sources, communicating with them and stimulating referrals into a science that can yield instant results in your practice. This advice will save you hours of time, effort and a  significant amount of resources as you market your practice. His website is

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