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Autopilot Hiring For Your Practice

Thank you very much for all the feedback on the previous video on the boomerang positioning method to attract the right caliber staff to your practice.

Now, imagine if you could save time, energy and money by sifting through all the resumes and identifying the best possible candidates for your practice instantly.

I have good news.

Not only is this possible, it won’t cost you a dime (thanks Google).

How Google help’s you hire staff < = = = = = = Discover TWO zero cost ways to simplify the hiring process

There’s an amazing new tool inside Google’s email service (gmail) that allows you to sift, sort and identify the best candidates on autopilot. This
is great when you have several candidates and want to shortlist the ones to interview.

GOOGLE helps you hire staff? (here’s how)
< = = = = How a simple email tool can help you hire faster and smarter in your practice.

The two quick tips in this video will help you to ‘cut through the clutter’ so you know exactly which candidates deserve your time and consideration, allowing you to pursue the “A Players” to help you grow your practice.

The end result?

Faster results, lower cost, decreased stress.


  • Ron Phillips says:

    I've been using Gmail for years and also the filters but this is new to me. Who would have thought it can be used this way? This is ingenious.

    You are right. Sifting through resumes that can be ridiculous, full of b***s**t and downright nonsensical can be annoying. Doubly so when you get to interview them. If what you say is true, then I would certainly welcome this method.

  • Betty Lim says:

    Interviewing applicants is a necessary evil that I needed to do for my clinic. It is an ordeal for me to be asking mundane questions like how do you see yourself 5 years from now, what are your strengths and weakness and so on. I guess over time, I lost my enthusiasm because those I interviewed who seemed to be most promising turned out to be big disappointments.

    If this would screen the best candidates for me, I would surely use it.

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