What’s Working Now

Imagine if you could discover what’s working now for other private practice owners across the country, if you could gain instant access to insight from colleagues across the country (people who have gone through the trials and tribulations to determine what works), so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in 6 weeks in Vegas.

The 2012 Private Practice Summit

I’ll let you judge the power of this strategy for yourself. At our last live event in April this year, attendees revealed several no-nonsense, proven approaches to get more patients, increase revenue and grow their practices. I’m sharing TEN of the most valuable lessons with you in this exclusive ‘what’s working now’ cheat sheet.

The ‘What’s Working Now’ Cheat Sheet For Your Practice

Click here to download this cheat sheet. It contains the top 10 insights from our colleagues across the country

This insight is worth thousands of dollars – so please please implement these things – don’t make the mistake of assuming that these have no value just because I am ‘gifting’ them at no charge, otherwise you’ll do yourself a great disservice.

Oh, and one more thing…

For those who register for the 2012 Summit, you’ll get the EXPANDED cheat sheet list from the last event – over THIRTY unbelievable strategies to take your practice to the next level. Just pick and choose which ones you want to use, it’s as if you attended the event. This cheat sheet list alone is worth several hundred dollars.

Here’s your chance to be part of an event that will change the direction of your private practice.

Here’s the ‘What’s Working Now’ cheat sheet.

Let’s Take This To The Next Level

Imagine getting the latest insights live from the attendees in Vegas and the complete list of 30 ‘what’s working now’ insights ready for you to implement.

We’re going to have a great time in Vegas mingling, learning and growing (and we’ll eat, drink and be merry as well). We’ve negotiated delux rooms in a luxury hotel at a huge discount for you – but the room blocks will be gone soon.

I can’t wait to see you in Vegas. Our time has come.

PS – I don’t plan on coming back to Vegas for a workshop for at least six months after this event – so if you want to attend my event in Vegas, this is the time to do it. The fast action price goes up next Friday, August 24 and you’ll save even more money by bringing a friend.

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  1. Ryan Manning
    2 years ago

    I downloaded the file and I found out that I have not done four out of the 10 ideas presented. Thank you for this gift. I am looking forward to getting more remarkable insights during the summit in September.

  2. Gabriel Lozada
    2 years ago

    I did not have the chance to attend your event last April and I'm glad that you have decided to have another event here in Vegas rather than in the East Coast.

    If the top 10 insights that you shared in this blog are just some of the ideas you had discussed before, then I am sure that the September event will bring in more workable strategies we can implement in our practice.

    I am glad I heed a colleague's suggestion and signed up for the summit this September. It will be worth it.

  3. dokartist
    2 years ago



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