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Website Optimization Tips For Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists

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We all want to rank high in the search engines, don’t we?

It’s a combination of ‘on site’ and ‘off site’ optimization to succeed in the search engines.

The days of stuffing your page with keywords are over. I stuffed a bunch of my older sites with keywords back in 2005 (when backlinking was less popular) and got great results.

Check out this site.. I spent over 200 hours building this with my own hands, including the search engine optimization part.

It ranks in the top 3 results in google for terms like ‘toning exercise for women’.

Anyone can do that though.

The search engines are increasingly looking for sites that have a high degree of credibility; the number of sites that link back to you is a direct measure of how good your site must be, in the eyes of google and the other search engines.

The greater the number of (valid) websites that link back to your website, the greater your ‘off page’ optimization.  When it comes to personal trainer business marketing and physical therapy private practice marketing, every little tip helps; we are, after all, in a competitive industry.

I hope you enjoy this little clip.

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