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THREE Ways To Grow Your Private Practice Using Signs

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The right signage can go a long way in conveying a precise message about your practice. A sign is a marketing medium that has to convey a targeted message within seconds, something that makes people stop and say “that’s interesting to me”.

Great signs are noticed even when people aren’t looking for them.

If you think that physical therapy is something that can’t be ‘spiced up’ with signs, then think again.

Anything can be made more interesting and captivating with a sign.  I have seen THREE interesting signs lately and captured a picture of each one. I have extensively analyzed WHY they work and how you can use these strategies to grow YOUR practice.

Transforming The Mundane Into The Exciting

Take yogurt for example. There’s a yogurt shop round the corner from my office called ‘Yogurtland’. The chain is always up to something, with seasonal flavors, ‘themed’ yogurts (look at the image below) and even located based yogurts. If this chain can take something as simple as yogurt and make it interesting, why can’t we take a complex, intricate and highly specialized service like physical therapy and make it engaging for the audience. Why can’t we make the patient stop in his tracks and say “Wait a minute…. this is really going to help me live a healthier life”.

Delivering a Powerful Message With An Image

Here’s another great example of a sign that makes you stop and think. If you are a new mom, this is likely to resonate with you. Starting with the name ‘Baby Boot Camp’, what I really like is the image, and the tagline. The immediate impression is “They understand that I’m overwhelmed with my newborn, but I can be fit, mobile and energetic while spending time with my baby outdoors. That sounds great”. All of this is said without being said. A good sign has the unique ability to convey a powerful message without the explicit use of words.

For example, take a close look at the sign below. You will see a mom in a state of motion, with her hair in the wind, moving quickly on (what appears to be) grass. This coveys freedom, mobility, lack of stress, spending time with your baby and being outdoors – all at the same time.

Convincing Them To Take Action With The Irresistible Offer

Marketing is only as effective as its outcome. You may have the best signs in the world, but the bottom line is – how many patients does it bring in? What is it about the sign that sends a clear, compelling message to the reader saying “I have to do this”. Here’s a good example of something that works – First Class FREE! It’s a simple way to get mom’s to say “Yes, I can try this with no risk, no obligations and if I don’t like it, I have nothing to lose”.

Signs are an important part of your marketing landscape in the new economy.

Speaking of the new economy of 2013, physical therapy marketing has to evolve into consumer centric messaging that helps consumers overcome objections to physical therapy. They have to see us as preventive, and not just experts of rehabilitation.

Signs go a long way to help us in the process.

In the new economy, your practice needs every advantage it can get. Every little thing  matters. Don’t ignore that little sign. It could have a big impact on your practice.

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