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The Importance of Collective Insight

As we prepare for the weekend ahead, I would like to take a moment to thank our entire physical therapy community for the dedication and hard work that each of you give to your patient’s care and to your clinics every day.

If there’s one thing we need to do more off, it’s learning from each other, and getting feedback to improve the way we do things.
The Importance of Collective Insight

The long hours we spend in our clinics lead us to valuable insights born out of unique experiences.

The same goes for your staff. They interact with patients and physicians, and can tell you things you may not be realize.

As a private practice owner, try and do what you can to enlist your staff, and let them know:

  • They are being heard.
  • Their opinions are encouraged
  • Their feedback, if appropriate, will be implemented.
Once we discover the insight born out of another individual’s experiences, it fast tracks our learning curve.

That’s why we read books and attend conferences and network with other private practice owners. Once you set up your own ‘micro-community’ in your own practice using your staff members, you set the stage for a collective learning experience.

Here’s a Great Way to Leverage that Insight Immediately

Ask every staff member, at the end of each day, to write down a comment in a ledger before they leave. They have to answer just one question.

“What is the ONE THING you’d like to see improved today in our practice?”
We need your insight!
Our collective insights come from equal parts of analysis and experience. Some people learn one thing and repeat it for their entire careers. We as physical therapists must choose to keep learning new strategies to help our practices grow and thrive – asking the right questions to analyze the right data, then sharing our experiences for the betterment of the physical therapy community as a whole.
Taking Collective Insight to the Next Level at the 2012 Private Practice Summit

My team and I are proud to be the pioneers of the industry-changing concept of “Wicked Smart”, a way for the sharpest physical therapists in the country to share collective insight in an intense, productive learning environment at the next Private Practice Summit in Las Vegas.

Wicked smart is where we have the audience members share their best strategies in either one of the following areas to win a BIG prize.
  • Referral generation
  • Practice management
  • Hiring
This simple exercise increases the value of the event ten-fold for all the attendees, and now you have a chance to benefit from the collective insight of private practice owners from all over the country. 

I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 Private Practice Summit. 


  • Sid says:

    I've always believe in sharing ideas because each of us have our prejudices that might carry over in how we perceive things. Getting the opinions of others will open our minds to other possibilities.

    Insights coming from like-minded indiviiduals and even from opposing camps can give us a true sense on the topic under discussion and help us make intelligent decisions.

    The Private Practice Summit will provide that opportunity and I would certainly NOT miss it.

  • John O'neill says:

    There are advantages in being an independent thinker but do not let this blind you from the opportunity that collective insights will bring. As private practice owners, our points of view might have been influenced by factors which are not applicable to some areas in our business. It is wise to get the insights of your staff, your patients, your associates, from anyone who has something to do with your business.

    Listening to others is the key to a more intuitive understanding of the ideas of others and I always keep this in mind.

    I sure hope I can be there in the Private Practice Summit. I've heard a lot of positive feedback on your past events so this upcoming event will surely be a good one as well.

  • Cody Blunt says:

    One thing I learned in my years of private practice, nothing is cut and dried. There will always be deviations from the norm and you may be caught by surprise by them unless you are tuned in to what is happening in the business. This can be accomplished by continually asking insights from everyone. There is a wealth of information out there and a wise private practitioner will take full advantage of that.

  • Dr Gagan Tomar says:

    Ya Its True , Learning can be done at any age and from anybody Provided we are open to it, and if its in the dynamic field such as PT then its become more Imp.

  • Sharing thoughts and points is really good. This will help ourselves from socializing, self – improvement and empowering. Ideas from the others are usually good, because they experienced it. It also widen our mind. Many benefits has the Collective Insights have, as you stated. Thanks for this post.

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