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The Hiring Rx Program

The Ultimate Hiring and Staff Retention Blueprint For Your Practice
Four Steps To Overcome Staffing Problems, Streamline Interviews, Attract The Best Candidates and Retain Staff

Here’s some information about my brand new training program called Hiring Rx. For more information, you can also visit but in a nutshell, this is the ONLY program of its kind where you’ll learn how to identify, attract, hire and retain top quality staff to help you grow your practice.


  • Arthur Bergen says:

    When I started out in private practice, my problem was patient retention. Now that I have 2 locations, it's staff retention. No amount of planning can prepare you for a staff member that leaves you in a lurch. In your haste to fill the gap, you hire the first person that applies for the position who turns out to be not the best person for the job. It's a vicious cycle which as you said costs money, energy and time.

    If your HringRX program can address this, I would be forever in your debt.

  • Eugene Smythe says:

    I've always believed that to have the best in the business, I should be prepared to pay premium. In truth, this is not enough. There will always be employers who would be offering more than what I could afford. I would like to offer the highest compensation package in my area without putting the profitability of my clinic at risk.

    I will let my office manager watch this video if this program can offer a solution to this problem. If it does, I would certainly be ready to make the investment at once.

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