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The Hiring Rx Program

Would you like to have a waitlist of patients while we do all the work? We create web-based advertisements on your behalf, to be posted and/or distributed across various websites and platforms to generate leads for your clinic. We incur all costs for creation, distribution, tracking and pre-qualification of local consumers looking for you. You focus on what you do best - treatment and the delivery of an exceptional patient experience. Enjoy free publicity while we do the work. Click here to learn more about the patient waitlist service and use the invitation code '10freeleads' to participate in the program.

The Ultimate Hiring and Staff Retention Blueprint For Your Practice
Four Steps To Overcome Staffing Problems, Streamline Interviews, Attract The Best Candidates and Retain Staff

Here’s some information about my brand new training program called Hiring Rx. For more information, you can also visit but in a nutshell, this is the ONLY program of its kind where you’ll learn how to identify, attract, hire and retain top quality staff to help you grow your practice.

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