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The Best Strategies To Market Fitness Services

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You know your fitness marketing strategies are effective when you have clients chasing you to train them. Here are a few proven fitness marketing strategies that will help you to reach that level.

1) Use the power of the written word to your advantage – set up your blog. Load your blog with videos, images and compelling content. Make sure your blog speaks to readers. Keep the tone interactive and include what you think the reader would be likely to want to read. Once your readers start participating through blog posts, you will be considered a guru. Start with a new topic every once in a while and let your readers take it from there. Avoid dull topics – the more controversial the better!

2) Become a well-known face in your local area through the media. Use platforms like television and radio shows to offer fitness advice. This adds to your credibility in the eyes of your clients. Approach the media with press releases and story ideas and you will start establishing a rapport with them.

3) One of the simplest fitness marketing strategies is to use your existing clients to attract new customers. Record your client testimonials on video or text and use them on your blog. This helps to convince your readers that training with you actually produces results. Try to collect a range of testimonials from clients so that you reach out to the maximum number of people.

4) Focus your fitness programs to a particular group of people. Create a niche area for yourself in which you can specialize. That will give you exclusivity and help people think of you as someone who only works with a select group of people. If you come across a client who does not fit into your niche area, recommend another trainer. This will actually enhance your appeal as you will come across as selective and exclusive. Clients like to feel that they are training with someone who is not accessible to everyone.

5) One of the most often overlooked fitness marketing strategies is to send out regular newsletters to your clients that contain a personal touch and show that you care. If you are using your newsletter to sell any of your products restrict the marketing spiel to just a few sentences. Give the impression that you are busy but you are taking out time to interact with your clients as you care about them.

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