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The 8 Rules Of Corporate Wellness Programs For Physical Therapists

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I conducted my physical therapy marketing webinar on this morning, attended by over 247 therapists  Рmore than I expected.

The result – an embarrassing technical failure with jammed phone lines and dropped internet connections.

We live and learn – I now know that I need a more robust webinar and teleconference system to better serve therapists attending the FREE webinars.

My technical stupidity aside, one question was overriding in today’s seminar:

“How can physical therapists initiate corporate wellness and worksite ergonomic solutions?”

As a physical therapist in private practice, I have created many successful corporate fitness programs and initiated memberships for my patients, and here’s my answer. (This is a topic I will be going into great detail in the coming weeks.)

  1. Companies across the United States are struggling to lower healthcare costs. A healthier employee is going to be more productive and will cost the system less than an employee plagued by injury.
  2. A good starting point is to go to your library and look up a resource called ‘reference USA’.
  3. You will be able to find local companies with 30 employees or more, and get specific information about the name and phone numbers for the HR representative, determine the gross income, company’s credit rating, etc. It’s a gold mine of information, something that private companies pay several thousand$$ to get access to.
  4. Initiate contact with the key decision makers.
  5. When speaking with administration, tell them about the financial benefits of the program. When speaking with the staff, help them understand the benefits of the program in day to day life.
  6. Corporate fitness programs are an affordable, profitable service that physical therapists can duplicate. The staff trains at work, and there are no overheads for the therapist. 2 group fitness workshops a week for one corporation are sufficient.
  7. The therapist can charge a monthly fee, based on the number of employees the service is offered to. A general rule of thumb is to charge $15 per employee per class, irregardless of how many show up for the session. You want to charge based on the number of staff members who have access to you, not on those who actually show up for the group class.
  8. Therefore, for a staff of 30 employees who get 2 ergonomics and general conditioning classes a week, charges should be approximately $3500-$4000 a month. 2 contracts with corporations in your area could bring in $7000-$8000 a month for your clinic with no additional costs, other than stationary and handouts.

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