QUICKLY Increase Referrals (Video)

This video is a must watch, and will provide you with NEW strategies to communicate with patients and doctors.

I talk about the importance of list segmentation, message specificity and categorization of your patients, doctors and referral sources to ensure the MAXIMUM effectiveness of your marketing message.

Without the right scripts and a clearly defined message, your message will become completely watered down and distorted by the time it reaches the recipient.

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  1. Joanne
    2016 years ago

    great video as usual..

  2. Rusty Burlingame
    2016 years ago

    Very informative. Keep these updates coming!

    -Rusty Burlingame

  3. Tom Crain
    2016 years ago

    Agreed with every point regarding why some practices fail. Thanks for the video..

  4. eric
    2016 years ago

    great video is an understatement. outstanding work nitin.

  5. Dana Mrvica
    2016 years ago

    Registered for the summit.. Appreciate the video..

  6. Clara
    2016 years ago

    Hope the summit is as informative. Great presentation, very easy to note down important points. Thanks!..

  7. DrMaharaja
    2 years ago

    Where is the video? The video is missing.


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