Popular Strategies For Promoting A Physical Therapy Practice

If your physical therapy business does not have enough patients, you need to take a closer look at the business as a private practice owner. Most physical therapy practice owners need to do a much better job at marketing their private practice.

What can be done to improve the flow of patients?

  • Since word of mouth travels quickly, it is recommended the physical therapy practice business owners spread the word by cross promoting with other businesses and seeking referrals from existing clients. Most likely the contacts know at least one person who need physical therapy and will recommend your services. Friends and family could prove to be good resources to help you get the word out.

  • Patients whom you have treated will tell others about the benefits of your services, this in turn, leads to more referrals from of other patients from past patients.
  • Press release distribution is a valuable technique to make the presence of your business known. The media is always looking for new storylines. Submitting press releases online could prove to be a profitable expenditure. Yes, this will require a small investment but well worth the effort in the long run. Online press release distribution services websites are a mainframe for the press to find news that is worthy of being published.
  • Going in person to hospitals and speaking to personnel will help build rapport and stimulate referrals from nurses and doctors, who are constantly looking for physical therapy services. Always leave a business card and a detailed flyer describing your services.
  • Local newspaper editors and local reporters should be contacted to arrange for an interview since these contacts always have their eyes and ears open to publish information about services that their audience may need. Contacting the health and medical sections editors is an excellent way to open the doors. This is an excellent way to get local exposure for your business.
  • Contact radio and TV stations and offer to interviews with them. TV exposure will create contacts to build your business. You’ll attract a few patients using this method too.
  • Don’t forget to distribute business cards as well. Fact sheets should be distributed with the business cards as well. Give information but not too much information. Leave a little curiosity behind so the prospect will call for more information.
  • Telephone books are a good source to list your physical therapy services. If you’re like me the first place you’ll go to when you need something is the yellow pages or business directory. Incorporate this into a marketing plan that has been created.

These are just some of the strategies that can help you set up a successful physical therapy private practice.

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  1. I wonder if part of a good marketing strategy is also educating the general public about all the things we do. I think the average person really doesn’t know what a physical therapist does.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Nitin
      5 years ago

      Yes, patients need to be made aware about physical therapy and what it can do for the community. In the process of educating patients in our community, we can brand our own practice and foster credibility.

  2. Bud Ward
    5 years ago

    These are all great ideas. I would also recommend that all practice owners consider new marketing methods such as using their website, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forum postings, etc. Many private practice owners have created websites for their clinics, but they serve more as billboards or yellow page-like listings. They are static & often never updated. I opened my office 8 months ago (after spending 10 yrs in corporate PT management). In the short time we’ve been open, our online presence has put us ahead of other local practices. We now get ~40% of our referrals from word of mouth & web searches.

    • Nitin
      5 years ago

      No question about that. This blog will have many more articles on web based marketing for PTs in the coming weeks. It was good talking to you on the phone. Will talk 1.30 pm next Friday.

  3. Chrissy
    5 years ago

    A good book that will help your practice is The Ultimate Practice Building Book by Dr.David Zahalak. This book fills the gaps for private practices. He shows how to develop your focus and strategic vision as a practice owner.


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