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Physician Profiling Principle

I get asked a lot of questions about the physician profiling principle that I revealed to my inner clients of Therapy Newsletter, and am spilling the beans today. Holding nothing back, here is my super-secret “Physician Profiling Principle”, which is an under-the-radar technique to increase referrals and grab the attention of referral sources. It is simple, effective and easy to execute and consists of the following steps

a) Approach them with a giving hand
b) Leverage the basic human principle of reciprocity with effective follow up
d) Ask for something in return
e) Follow up again using different forms of media

This is a system, not a product of chance.

I know it sounds super simple, because it is. But the truth is, this can change the way you see marketing and referral generation forever. The following video explains, in detail, the physician profiling principle and how you can use it to get referrals from all types of businesses, not just physicians.


  • I wanted to share my thoughts on Nitin's most recent Blog regarding physician profiling as a referral generator. Sometimes as physical therapists we tend to think the answer to a question is extremely complicated and requires intricate understanding and research because that's how we were taught in school.

    However, when it comes to marketing some of the most simplistic ideas have a wealth of research, study and history behind it, but the end product is, for example, this easy to do Physician Profile using Therapy Newsletter. Nitin is making this process very easy tfor us which tends to makes some of us cautious in proceding because it's too easy. The fact that it's not difficult to implement and cost effective doesn;t mean it won't be effective. I've worked with Nitin and his Therapy Newsletter for severeal months and it has generated interest and referrals to my practice, and more than recouped my monthly investment.

    Hope this helps some of you deciding whether or not to try his process.

    Good Luck!

    Jamey Schrier, PT, OCS, DPT

  • This is the first time that I have been on your website and/or listened to your blog, but I really liked it in an audio format so I could listen and take notes. I look forward to learning more about your blog and site.
    Jenni Gabelsberg DPT, Msc, MTC, WCS, BCIA-PMDB

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