Personality In Your Practice

Does your practice have personality? Do your patients miss working with you when they are away / when they miss treatment sessions? Do they talk about you even after discharge, and sing your praises months after physical therapy?

Imagine your patient at lunch with a friend, 3 months after being discharged from your clinic.

Your name comes up during a conversation, since the patient’s friend is looking for a physical therapist. The patient searches for words to describe you, and uses one of 3 descriptions to paint a picture:

a)    That therapist.. I can’t remember his name, but I got some massage, exercise and electrical therapy.
b)    John was an excellent therapist, helped reduce my pain and I like his sense of humor!
c)    That therapist was a punisher, I dread the appointments.

This is a CRITICAL perception, one that you can control.  Clearly, the second choice reflects camaraderie; a strong, positive rapport between patient and therapist.
The more patients you have, and the more they get along with you as a therapist, the more successful your practice will become. With the right planning, you can use your personality to get more patients and improve relationships with existing patients.

This is personality driven physical therapy.

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