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How To Make Patients Remember You

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As we head towards Christmas and the New Year, it’s important to take a look at the single element of good business practice – the component that helps you to drive more patients to your practice. It’s good, old fashioned enthusiasm.

A few weeks ago I was in San Diego and had a unique experience with one truly amazing gentleman, a tour guide on a ship. I asked him a couple of questions and his revealing answers  will teach you how to overdeliver to your patients and exceed their expectations.

While on this vacation at Long Beach in California, I interviewed James, one of the guides aboard the hotel / ship Queen Mary, an amazing guy who displayed an abundance of enthusiasm for his job.

  • I asked him about the source of his enthusiasm and where it was coming from.
“My enthusiasm comes from the fact that this lady (referring to the ship) is a beautiful and elegant lady. So many people come on board the ship and they see her as an old boat but to me she is elegant. She is a living, breathing entity. So therefore when people come on board, I want to give them the excitement, the exuberance that I feel about her to bring her life again. So therefore I choose to be happy on what I am doing here on Queen Mary.”
  • How do you maintain your enthusiasm day in and day out? You are doing this all day, 7 days a week?
“I stay on top of everything when I see the joy in the eyes of the people in front of her. You must understand, I meet people like yourself  who are from all over the world. How many places can you work and meet people that actually came from all over the world, you have a one on one interaction with them, and therefore if they are happy, I am happy. Because I have given them the joy this ship has given me.”
  • One final question, if someone’s looking to be as enthusiastic as you, like health professionals who want to demonstrate the same enthusiasm with their patients (physical therapists), what advice would you give them to be enthusiastic with their patients and give patients a VIP experience just like you’ve given us?
“I would have to say to the medical industry or to the doctors. Doctors, yes you have an education, but also remember that you too still are human. Sometimes we have to set aside our education and we have to feel what people feel from heart to heart. Feel what they are feeling and you will have that interconnection with those individuals.”

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