Fitness Marketing Plan: Think Outside The Box

I was driving home the other night thinking of a fitness marketing plan, and it was pretty late, close to 1 am.  The exit I normally take, which is the best way to get to my town, was backed up with several cars.. I just drove on to take the next exit.. It took a little longer to reach home, but got me thinking…

Why is it that the particular exit was backed up, and more cars kept coming up to that same exit?

Why did the drivers simply avoid the traffic and take the next exit?

You are probably wondering: what does this have to do with my fitness marketing plan or plan to market my physical therapy clinic?

The answer: We are creatures of habits. Change makes us uncomfortable. However, change is the one true way to grow, in life and in marketing of your fitness and physical therapy business.

Think about it.

The best way to bring in a change and walk the road to success is by goal-setting.

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  1. Matt
    5 years ago

    Excellent post Nitin. This is useful for marketing any type of business too, not just fitness marketing.


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