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Do These THREE Things – Get More Patients

As intelligent, educated professionals, we tend to over-analyze and complicate things that are relatively simple.

Take growing your practice for example.

Most practices want the ‘magic formula’ or the ‘trendy thing’ to get more patients.

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WAY too much time is wasted on:

  • Fancy web sites
  • Newspaper ads
  • Buying Google and Facebook ads
  • SEO tactics and blogging
  • Expensive brochures and business cards
…and not enough time on the three things that really matter most.
These THREE things will help you get more referrals:

1 – Asking your patients to refer friends and family (and having your staff back your efforts 100%)

2 – Approaching physicians in creative and unconventional (yet ethical ways) so they don’t ignore you

3 – Create joint endorsement campaigns with local businesses- you help them and they help you

This formula is stupidly simple – yet underutilized.

There’s nothing wrong with a slick website or buying ads on Google and Facebook or even my own products like Therapy Newsletter.

But it makes NO sense if you don’t have 1, 2, 3 dialed in. It’s like focussing on the icing without the cake.

In fact, this ‘website stuff’ sounds so convoluted (yet interesting) that there are several companies that will gladly sell you junk you don’t need like ‘custom template, mobile templates, SEO services’.

Here’s what they won’t tell you – for MOST practices, a fancy website, with an encyclopedia of content, Facebook marketing, etc is a WASTE OF TIME.

Your Website should have Only ONE of Two Objectives
  • To get prospects to ‘opt in’ so you can send them a newsletter and eventually convert them to patients
  • To help patients get basic information and make appointments
My opinion – a website should be cheap, affordable, and should be ready in 5-7 days – and it should cost you NOTHING except a nominal monthly hosting fee.
“For MOST practices, a fancy website, with an encyclopedia of content, Facebook marketing, etc is a WASTE OF TIME.”
Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

Listen, I know there are a lot of “shiny” practice building ideas out there, trying to get your attention by complicating and confusing you.

physical therapy patient

Now, if 1, 2, 3 make sense to you, then don’t miss out on the Private Practice Summit 2013 taking place April 19th – 21st.

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P.S. You’ll earn CE’s as well – and I can’t wait to meet you in person, get to spend some quality time with you – make time to hop over to NYC and check out a Broadway show as well.


  • Victor Worth says:

    Nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising. It is our human nature to give more weight to the opinions of people close to us because we know they have the best intentions. Somehow, we take for granted that if our patients are satisfied with our services, they will others about us.It makes good sense to actively tell them to refer friends and family.
    I checked out the summit website and I like what I see. I would also like to know on how to effectively let use my patients and referring physicians. I'm now re-arranging my schedule so I can attend the summit. See you in April, Nitin.

  • Audrey Lacroix says:

    We get dazzled by "shiny" ideas as you call it that we neglect the basic and proven. You are right, Nitin. They are just the icing on the cake and without the cake, the icing loses its purpose for being. You have a knack for presenting ideas that tells me that the summit will be much, much more interesting.

    I can't wait to meet you as well in April. See ya!

  • Irene Malloy says:

    There are websites too fancy for my taste and can be cumbersome. Not all people who goes online are computer savvy so simplicity must be the rule of thumb rather than the exception.

    I agree with you, Nitin, that we try to overthink everything. We complicate things rather than go back to the basics and simplify things.

    I may not be able to attend the summit this April but I hope to attend the one late in the year. Anyway, I know you will have recordings of the summit so that is the next best thing.

    Best of luck for April!

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