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Apple Enters The Physical Therapy Market? (Video)

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Apple is the largest technology company in the world, and you are probably wondering why they would want to enter the physical therapy market.

Like it or not, Apple has an impact in private practice. I talk to clinicians everyday who use Ipads for documentation and some even use Iphones to swipe patient’s credit cards.

Apple’s impact on the world (and on your private practice) goes far deeper than that.

My wife Ritika (who is also a physical therapist) and I were at the mall recently and we noticed that the Apple store was MOBBED while the Sony store was like an abandoned stepchild with one or two customers.. almost as if it was surviving from the leftovers of Apple.

When you consider that Sony invented the walkman, owns the world’s largest record company and sold music online before Apple did, it’s amazing to see how the landscape of music, phone and personal computing is now completely dominated by Apple. If you apply the same analogy to private practice, the question is: 

Why do some private practice owners have ALL the patients they need, and others are struggling to increase their caseload?

As physical therapists, Ritika and I believe that there are valuable lessons to be learned from Apple’s global domination of the music, phone and personal computing space.

You’ll learn the ‘S’ word that has allowed Apple to become the largest technology company in the world and how you too can learn from Apple’s dominance and grow your practice. Here’s what you can learn from Apple.

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