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6 Minutes To The Dream Private Practice

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The mindset with which you run your practice is the single biggest determinant of how successful you will be in it. You are the ‘crux’ of your private practice, which means you are:

  • The source of limiting beliefs
  • The single biggest constraint in your clinic
  • The biggest source of growth for your clinic.

When I coach clients in my private practice mastermind program, and we discuss cutting edge strategies for newsletter marketing and mobile marketing, the thing that stands out immediately about successful private practice owners is that they:

  • Are always looking for that extra ‘edge’ over their competitors
  • Are willing to implement new ideas
  • Are ready to move on if things don’t work

How does your mindset stack up? This is a timed exercise that is meant to identify the way in which you think about your private practice. All you need is a timer – a stopwatch, kitchen timer, a pen and some paper. You could even do this on your computer.

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You get exactly two minutes to answer each question. Just write what comes to your mind, don’t overthink it, don’t analyze it.

Question 1: In your mind, what does it take for you to succeed in your private practice?

Time: 2 minutes.

Start each sentence with “I believe…” For example:

  • I believe that it takes 3-4 years before I can make my practice profitable.
  • I believe that I will have to sacrifice other parts of my life in order to succeed in my practice
  • I believe that the only way I will be able to be successful is to invest tens of thousands of dollars in marketing education
  • I believe that I need to network with like minded private practice owners at events to learn new ways to grow my clinic
Question 2: What has been holding you back?

Time: 2 minutes.

Start each sentence with “What’s holding me back is…” For example:

  • My inability to find good staff to shoulder other responsibilities
  • The fear of failure
  • The belief that “This is all I deserve”
  • The uncomfortable conversations I don’t like to have.
  • The things (list them) I have been pretending not to notice?
  • The things (list them) that I have not acknowledged or am avoiding
Question 2: How high is your “Private Practice Success Traits” barometer?

Time: 2 minutes.
Just answer the following questions on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Are you passionate about what you do day in and day out?
  • Would you do it even if you were not getting paid?
  • Are you good at delegating tasks for people?
  • Are you willing to work on things that are important, but not urgent?
  • Are you willing to accept ‘uncomfortable’ conversations with patients, staff, insurance companies so you can drive your business in the right direction? (example – bring firm with patients about cancellation policies, advising staff to perform a certain way, being persistent following up with insurance companies)

The higher your score, the higher your aptitude for success in your private practice.

Take this six minute test today and it will reveal some surprising aspects of your personality, all of which are determinants in the success of your physical therapy marketing efforts.

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